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    Check out the User Guide for more info and small tutorials!

    Load GPX Ctrl+O Import and visualize GPX files (or drag and drop anywhere in the window)
    New GPX Ctrl+D Start drawing a new route by placing track points on the map
    Export Ctrl+S Download the files to your desktop or save to Google Drive™ to get a shareable link and embedding code. Time, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature data are automatically extended. Optionally, merge all files in the chosen order. You can also drag a tab to your desktop to download the file.
    Ctrl+Z/Y Undo and redo actions in edition mode
    Clear all Ctrl+K Delete all traces
    Escape Exit current menu or tool

    Below the search bar and the Google Street View tool , you can find a dropdown menu with the maps available and some settings.
    F1 Show or hide the Strava Heatmap
    F2 Switch between routing and as the crow flies (straight lines between track points) when editing traces
    F3 Switch between cycling, running and driving mode (impacts the routing and the Strava Heatmap displayed)
    km mi F4 Change units displayed
    Ctrl+H Show or hide the elevation profile

    Enter edition mode to add, move, insert (by dragging the line), delete or split (right-click) track points
    Change the speed and starting time of the trace
    Reverse the trace and adapt the timestamps
    Merge with another trace (automatically extends time, heart rate, cadence, power and temperature data)
    Extract all track segments and creates one trace for each
    Duplicate the trace
    Change the display color and opacity, these values will be exported and detected when re-imported
    Add a waypoint (drag to change its location and use the buttons to edit info, duplicate or remove)
    Reduce the number of track points
    Delete track points and/or waypoints inside/outside rectangle selection
    Hide or unhide the trace
    Delete the trace

    At the bottom, you can see a panel with information about the traces you import. The Total tab displays information about all open traces merged into one. Swap the tabs to define the order in which the traces should appear and double-click on them to change their names. When you have many tabs, navigate through them by scrolling horizontally. Use the slider to move the start/end point and cut the route.
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    Generate speed considering the slope (erases all existing time data)
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    Comment (for GPS devices)
    Description (for users)
    Edit info
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